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Polyethylene Film Tubes

Polyethylene Film Tubes

A flexible combination of strength and lightness.

Polyethylene is widely used as a basic material that supports many industries.
We control the film thickness deviation very presicely with APC(auto profile control).

LDPE film tubes

Our products cover all LDPE film applications?from its general, industrial uses as a wrapping material for food, textiles, pharmaceutical and hygiene products and miscellaneous goods, to its use in various kinds of laminated products.
Product Specifications
General width of polyethylene film: 700 mm to 1600 mm
Thickness: 30μ to 160μ

Polyethylene film for lamination

Film formed by the inflation method and reinforced through lamination with all kinds of base materials.
Product Specifications
Width: 520 mm to 1600 mm
Thickness: 30μ to 120μ (Film can be formed in units of 5μ)

L-LDPE film

LL-L Type:
Has excellent hot tack and low-temperature sealing properties, enabling an extra reliable seal. Suitable for use in high-performance liquid filling and widely used as a substitute for EVA film.
TLL-L Type:
Offers more transparency [Haze: 6 for 50μ (measurement example)] than the LL-L type, as well as excellent flexibility and low-temperature sealing.
LL-D Type:
A general-purpose film widely used as a sealant backing material for automatic filling and bag manufacturing. Can be used in hot-water treatments as high as 90 to 100 degrees Celsius.
LL-H Type:
Strong tensile strength and excellent resistance for heat and oil. ?Can be used in hot-water treatments up to semi-retort temperatures (100-105°C).

Polyethylene Shrink Wrap

Securely wraps even heavy items.
Our shrink wrap tightly wraps products, taking advantage of the special properties of the film itself through our development of unique technologies.

Polyethylene Shrink Wrap: Features

1.Perfect for assembly packaging

Polyethylene’s toughness, flexibility and resistance against cold temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius make it suitable as a packaging material for heavy goods.

2.Low-temperature shrinking available with energy-saving T type

Minimizes the effect on contents by lowering the heat for shrinking.

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