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Polypropylene Film Tubes

Polypropylene Film Tubes

Securely wraps items in an attractive way.

Our company began manufacturing polypropylene rolls ahead of the rest of the industry and the first to successfully develop eco-friendly products and plastic film in line with the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing. We always strive to provide environmentally-friendly products.

IPP tubes

Used in a wide range of contexts?as a packaging material for food like bread and pastries, office supplies, and industrial materials. Can also be used for embossing and matte finishing at the time of film formation.

Product Specifications
Width: 70 mm to 630 mm
Thickness: 25μ to 60μ

CPP film

Taking advantage of this film’s excellent transparency, we use it as a material for plastic files. Can be used for clear, non-glare matte finishes and embossing at the time of film formation. Please select options according to the film’s intended application.

Product Specifications

Max. width: 1,500 mm
Thickness: 50μ to 150μ

Hi-Clear (HC)

With an even greater degree of transparency than CPP film, Hi-Clear film is used for card holders and as a substitute for vinyl chloride in case covers for video tapes, DVDs and discs.

Product Specifications
Max. width: 1,500 mm
Thickness: 50μ to 150μ
Haze: 2-3

*Colored items

CPP film can be manufactured from colored material (black, blue, red, green, yellow, gray, light grey, etc.).
(Raw material used is 5t or above.) Contact us for information about other colors.

Polypropylene Shrink Wrap

An excellent product that can be used in many different ways.

Tightly wraps products, taking advantage of the special properties of the film itself through our development of unique technologies.

Polypropylene Shrink Wrap: Features

1. Increases commercial value

Makes packaged goods attractive with its high degree of transparency and glossy finish?an excellent choice for displays.

2. Well-suited for machines

Can be used in thin film thanks to its high overall strength and sealing strength. Excellent cold resistance and moisture-proof properties.

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