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Employee Comments: Research and Development Division

Momoko Yoshida, Research and Development Division

Momoko Yoshida, Research and Development Division
Momoko Yoshida, Research and Development Division

Momoko Yoshida, Research and Development

Joined the Company in 2007

Holds a degree in Engineering

Hobby: Surfing

Why did you want to work at TAKIGWA CORPORATION?

"I wanted to be involved in the manufacture of basic goods people need in their daily lives. I looked at various companies, focusing on food manufacturers, but I was also aware of the field of food packaging. I was interested in different aspects of food packaging, from the protection of contents to ensure that safe products are delivered to customers, to the fact of how indispensable it is. I chose TAKIGAWA CORPORATION over the other companies because it designs easy-to-use products with the customer in mind and because I felt that it would offer an upbeat, pleasant working environment after talking with two senior employees. It's a company where you can deepen your interaction with other employees through activities like snowboarding and tennis, regardless of whether you belong to the same division or not."

Tell us what you currently do in your work.

“I carry out maintenance checks of testing and measuring equipment, quality control and investigations into the causes of defects in products. Investigations of defective products involve the cooperation of each section of the Manufacturing Division; I listen to the on-site managers and observe the production line for myself, then reply to the customer with the results of the investigation and plans for improvement. It’s important to communicate with the production managers to make sure they understand the causes of the defects and corresponding countermeasures, and to ensure that these countermeasures are continuously implemented. The R and D Division also provides an important support for quality control at TAKIGAWA-we have been actively implementing the 6S program as a part of the quality control done at the company.”

What is it about your work that motivates you?

"TAKIGAWA CORPORATION has a program called the 6S program. A sixth "S"?Participation ("Sanka")?was added to the previous "5 S's" of Organization ("Seili"), Orderliness ("Seiton"), Cleaning ("Seisou"), Hygiene ("Seiketsu") and Habits ("Shuukan"), and all the company employees have been working together on our "Participation" in the first 5S's. The Engineering Division has been leading the company in the implementation of this program. There is still a lot of room for improvement, and a key area?and one of our weaknesses?that we need to focus on is cultivating more of a sense of commonality between us and each of the production managers. Our small efforts, however, are being adopted at the production plants, and perceivable changes are taking place in the atmosphere there.

What message do you have for students hoping to work at TAKIGAWA CORPORATION?

"Each one of you can put your ideas into practice here. For starters, I think we have a corporate culture that encourages people to take action. Let's work together to make changes in TAKIGAWA CORPORATION as it expands not just in Japan but throughout the world."

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