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Employee Comments: Manufacturing Division

Masayuki Katsumi, Manufacturing Division

Masayuki Katsumi, Manufacturing Division
Masayuki Katsumi, Manufacturing Division

Masayuki Katsumi, Manufacturing Division

Joined the Company in 2000

Holds a degree in Materials Science and Engineering

Hobby: Camping

Why did you want to work at TAKIGAWA CORPORATION?

"Our company brings together all the different manufacturing processes: plastic films, gravure printing, lamination, bag manufacturing. TAKIGAWA CORPORATION makes everything from scratch and provides customers with the finished products. I thought I would be able to enjoy a wide range of experiences by consistently being engaged in that kind of work. Also, when I came for the interview, I was impressed by the warm welcome I received from the senior employees at the company and thought I'd really like to work in a place like this.

Tell us what you currently do in your work.

"I supervise the operation of the gravure printing machines that create the external appearance of our packaging products."

What is it about your work that motivates you?

"We use many different kinds of ink that can number into the dozens and need to reproduce the exact design requested by our customers. This makes my work very difficult, but, on the other hand, also very rewarding."

What message do you have for students hoping to work at TAKIGAWA CORPORATION?

"In our company, there aren't dividing lines between different departments?all of them are connected into a single whole. There are many supervisors who listen carefully to the ideas of new employees. There's definitely a workplace out there that will match your needs. Don't just think about getting into a company, but also about what you want to do after that and look for the kind of job that allows you to do what you want to do."

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